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a computer processor

GNOME Devs Mull Making Dedicated System Info Tool

A GNOME desktop designer proposes a new hardware info tool for the GNOME desktop. The app would show system info and firmware information.

24 April 2019
neofetch running in GNOME terminal on Ubuntu 16.04

Neofetch 3.0 Released

A new version of cross-platform CLI-based system info tool Neofetch is available to download, and it's packing some substantive changes.

25 January 2017

CLI System Tool ‘Neofetch’ Gets a Big Update

Neofetch 2.0 has been released, and is available to install on Ubuntu. The CLI system info tool adds bug fixes, cleaner code, and improved ASCII handling.

2 December 2016

NeoFetch: See System Information from the Command Line on Linux

Terminal-based system information tools are unashamedly geeky — and yet undoubtedly useful, too.

23 November 2016