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Ubuntu To Drop 32-bit Desktop and Server Installers?

Ubuntu 32-bit desktop installers could soon be a thing of the past. Debate is underway on how best to drop support for 32-bit Ubuntu ISOs.

29 June 2016
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Official Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DVDs Now Available to Pre-Order

Pre-orders for pressed DVDs of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS have gone live on the Canonical store, marking the first release to be sold since 12.10.

24 April 2014
ubuntu pressed discs

Canonical Axe Ubuntu Discs for Non-LTS Releases

If you're looking forward to buying Ubuntu 13.04 on DVD later this month you might want to brace yourself

18 April 2013
ubuntu pressed discs

Five Uses for an Ubuntu Live CD

Once you’ve installed Ubuntu from a LiveCD you might never give much thought to what else you could use it for. If so, then meet today’s Daily 5…

19 July 2010