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Tab Vault is the first must-have Opera extension

Opera Extension Tab Vault lets you 'store tabs for later without cluttering your tab bar'. And it's surprisingly awesome.

2 December 2010
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Easily transform Ubuntu into mac os x with macbuntu – now better than ever!

Get the look of OS X in Ubuntu using the 'Macbuntu' transformation pack.

17 November 2010
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Dual-screen version of Ubuntu 10.10’s default wallpaper

Dual screen users can now benefit from the beauty of Maverick's default wallpaper thanks to the following dedicated dual-screen version by Kyle Baker.

17 October 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance & Radiance themes for Chrome, Firefox & Opera [Updated]

The default Ambiance theme in Ubuntu 10.10 - and its lighter sibling Radiance - have received lots of due love and attention since Lucid and thusly many third-party browser "themes" have also been pepped up in anticipation. Skins ahoy inside.

19 September 2010
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For what it’s worth: Rhythmbox gets a pause button, fixes bug from 2006

A small update to Ubuntu 10.10 a few days back brought something rather special to the table…. Nope, not a new icon set, PiTiVi with effects or even the stacks feature in Docky but a […]

9 August 2010

Improve the look of Thumbnails In Nautilus 2.30 (quick hack)

During the Lucid cycle default Ubuntu file-manager Nautilus added a thick white border around the display of file thumbnails. At the time this was considered an improvement by most. Several months on and, well, many […]

31 July 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 so far (in 339 words)

With the second Alpha of Ubuntu 10.10 due shortly (July 1st, fact fans) so here’s a quick look back at some of the notable changes that the first Alpha has served up. Alpha 1 is […]

24 June 2010