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Boomerang GTK Theme Can Smarten Up Any Desktop

Boomerang GTK3 theme aims to smarten up dull desktops with it shiny and professional look.

16 December 2011
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‘Unity Impression’ theme for Ubuntu 11.04 is subtle, easy on the eyes

If the default GTK themes supplied with Ubuntu 11.04 aren't to your taste 'Unity Impression', a new GTK theme designed specifically with Ubuntu's Unity interface in mind, is well worth a try out. Download link and choice-pictures inside.

29 June 2011

Equinox Evolution: Beautiful Day Themed GTK Themes

Add some style to your desktop with the Equinox Evolution suite of themes by Faenza creator tiheum.

11 April 2011
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Orta GTK+ theme now has a PPA

Fans of the gorgeous Orta GTK+ theme take note: it now has a PPA, which will make staying up-to-date with all of the latest fixes and improvements a breeze.

10 December 2010
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Hope GTK theme gives your desktop a wintery chill

'Hope' GTK+ theme gives your desktop a cold, wintery feel with its blue highlights and steely gradients. Although Hope draws together elements from Ambiance, elementary and Impression GTK+ themes it stands a unique them in its own right. Download link and more info inside.

28 November 2010
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‘A new start’ GTK theme – looks everybit as cool as it sounds

‘A new start’ GTK theme looks, from the word go, pretty much unlike anything else you’ve tried before. An aptly titled theme that has that oh-so aloof quality of actually being able to totally transform […]

7 August 2010