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Srain IRC Client

Srain is a New GTK IRC Client for Linux Desktops

Srain is a modern GTK IRC client for Linux desktops. Sporting a well designed UI, the app makes chats and channels easier to access, join, and read.

1 March 2020
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[How to] Disable the ‘resize grip’ in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 saw 'resize grips' introduced to the bottom right corner of GTK+ applications in order to make resizing windows that little bit easier. But not everyone appreciates it. Disabling the grip, whilst costing you a more precise target for resizing, is an easy 'hack' to accomplish.

5 May 2011
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Easily get Wine apps to match your GTK theme

Nothing sucks more about running Wine applications in Ubuntu than the visual yell of "HEY! I'M NOT NATIVE!". The following tip is a quick and pain-free way to get Wine apps matching the look of the rest of your desktop.

26 October 2010
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New Theme, Icons, Log Out Screen Chosen For Karmic Koala, New Login Window Due Soon!

Today saw the final artwork drop for the Karmic Koala – and what an update it’s been! What’s new? Take a look below! Updated Human-theme The default theme for Ubuntu has changed! Finally! Gone are […]

24 September 2009
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Dust Firefox Theme works with SwiftWeasel!

If you prefer your Firefox a bit speedier, you might already be using the custom Linux build called ‘Swiftweasel‘. (You can find it in Add/Remove) It is no suprise then that the DUST firefox theme […]

9 March 2009