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VLC, LastPass and 8tracks Apps Coming to Ubuntu Touch

VLC is one of several big-name applications planning to launch applications on Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets in the near future.

23 February 2014
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Ubuntu-integrated Cloud Music Player ‘Nuvola’ Sees New Release, Adds Lucid Support

A new stable release of 'Nuvola' music player - formerly known as Google Music Frame - is now available for download. Nuvola 1.0 adds a number of additional features and improvements to the desktop-integrated player, including support for Grooveshark, 8Track and Hypemachine.

24 December 2011
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Google Music Frame Gets Renamed, Adds Grooveshark, 8Track Support

Google Music Frame has a new name, and some new service support to boot.

20 November 2011
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Search Grooveshark Tracks From the Unity Music Lens

A new 'scope' for Ubuntu's Unity Music Lens presents results from online music service 'Grooveshark' amongst your local collection. When searching for an artist, track title or album title via the Unity Music Lens or Dash, the scope displays relevant tracks and albums playable through the Grooveshark music streaming service.

18 November 2011