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Btw, We Have a Google+ Page

Google+ recently introduced “pages” for brands, blogs and anyone else with a self-inflated sense of importance. We have a lot of fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but as not everyone uses those services […]

9 November 2011

Hangouts, Sparks, Circles, and Huddles – we make sense of Google+

Yesterday, Google unveiled its new social network and competitor to Facebook, 'Google+.' The service aims to bring the search, phone, advertising, video chat (seriously, what doesn't Google compete in nowadays) giant into the realm of social networks, currently dominated by Mr Zuckerberg's Facebook. We don't usually cover social networks on OMG! Ubuntu!, but we figured that the introduction of Google+ means a lot to the future landscape of the Internet, and the fact that invites are scarce (luckily we were sent a couple) compelled me to write a run-down article covering some of the basic features.

30 June 2011