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GNOME 3.28 features

First GNOME 3.28 Point Release Is Now Rolling Out

Developers have issued the first point release to GNOME 3.28, which was released last month. GNOME 3.28.1 brings a boat load of bug fixes for a stack of GNOME desktop components, modules and apps. And, because […]

15 April 2018
GNOME 3.28 features

GNOME 3.28 Released, These Are The Best New Features

The new GNOME 3.28 release is here, so join as take look at the top GNOME 3.28 features, which include a new on screen keyboard, and Nautilus improvements.

14 March 2018
gnome system monitor redesign

GNOME’s New System Monitor Tool is Available to Try in Bionic

Cast you mind back to 2016 and you recall there were plans for a GNOME System Monitor redesign. The aim: to make checking system resource usage a little more accessible, ideally with historical data thrown into […]

19 February 2018

GNOME Photos App Improves Its Editing Tools

The next stable release of GNOME Photos includes a number of core improvements, including new photo editing features. As a Shotwell alternative Photos is …Well, it’s getting there. It handles the basics well enough, letting you import and […]

18 January 2018
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS News

Why Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Use an Older Version of Nautilus

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will use an older version of Nautilus so that users can put icons on the desktop. Upstream GNOME has removed desktop support in Nautilus 3.28.

17 January 2018
desktop icons on the gnome 3 desktop

GNOME 3.28 Removes Option to Put Icons on the Desktop

Developers are removing the option to show icons, folders and files on the GNOME desktop. The feature, part of the Nautilus file manager, is said to be hindering development.

4 January 2018
Thunderbolt 3 on Linux

Bolt Will Tackle Thunderbolt 3 Security on Linux

Ah, you gotta love Red Hat — they’re never not busy working on something that might make our lives a little easier. Latest case in point: Thunderbolt 3. This alternative to USB and other peripheral […]

14 December 2017