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Ubuntu 15.04 to Include GNOME 3.14, Updates to Default Apps

A small update, but one that should have a big impact on the lives of app developers and users alike: Ubuntu 15.04 will ship with GTK 3.14.

14 December 2014

Why GNOME 3.14 Won’t Be Included in Ubuntu 14.10

Wondering why the new stable GNOME 3.14 desktop won't be in Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 next month? Developer Ali Linx is on hand to explain.

25 September 2014

GNOME 3.14 Released With New Features and App Updates

The GNOME project has announced the release of GNOME 3.14, a new stable update featuring multi-touch gestures, new UI animations and more.

24 September 2014

This GNOME 3.14 Video Turns Excitement Levels Up to 11

Later this month GNOME 3.14 will be released to the masses, bringing a raft of improvements, new features, design and technologies with it.

18 September 2014