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Must Read: Microsoft is Bringing exFAT to the Linux Kernel (And No-One’s Getting Sued)

Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing exFAT support to the Linux kernel, with code contributed licensed under GPLv2. This is huge, unexpected, yet very welcome #opensource news. Microsoft’s exFAT file system is prevalent throughout a […]

28 August 2019

Ubuntu 19.10 Will Offer Experimental ZFS File System Option

Ubuntu 19.10 will include an experimental ZFS install option in the installer that will install Ubuntu on a ZFS root file system.

7 August 2019

Find Files Faster with Recent Files Indicator Applet

Recent Files Indicator sits in your panel and gives you access to recently used files, saving you the need to navigate or search using Nautilus.

14 November 2016
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Next-gen file system May be default in UBuntu 10.10

Scott James Remnant of the Ubuntu Foundations team has mentioned that the next-generation BTRFS filesystem could very well be the default filesystem for Maverick installs, stating in his blog post: – “We are going to […]

14 May 2010