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a screenshot of the windows 11 menu layout for arc menu gnome extension

ArcMenu GNOME Extension Adds New Windows 11 Layout

The popular GNOME extension ArcMenu just got an update, adding a new menu layout inspired by Windows 11 — plus a bunch of other changes, details inside.

15 July 2021
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[How To] Use Unity Quicklists in Gnome-Shell

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a very nifty Extension that brings Unity's quicklist functionality to Gnome-Shell's Activity Bar and Dash. And with more and more developers adding quicklist support to their applications this extension ensures that GNOME users don't miss out.

29 May 2012
gnome shell places status indicator in action

GNOME Shell Extensions Site Enters Alpha; One Ups Unity?

Adding additional functionality to the GNOME Shell experience has just gotten much easier with the launch of an official 'Extensions' site.

2 December 2011
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UnityFox plugin for Firefox puts download Progress on the Unity Launcher

Yesterday we shared news that the daily builds of Chromium web browser have added download progress bar and badge support for Ubuntu 11.04's Unity Launcher. But what about Firefox users?

4 May 2011
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Touch-friendly browsers in Ubuntu: Opera Mobile 11; add-ons for Firefox, Chrome

Using Ubuntu on a tablet or netvertible isn't the nicest of fits and that's understandable: Ubuntu is not a tablet OS after all. There are, however, plenty of things one can do to make the experience of using Ubuntu on a tablet/touchscreen that little bit more more enjoyable. Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing a selection of tips, apps and ideas for doing just this. But first you'll need something to read the posts in...

21 April 2011
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15 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome: Adblockers, flashblockers, session savers, mail notifiers, delicious, etc

Further to my previous post on “Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Browser“, I thought i’d post a boring-yet-useful list of 15 Chrome extensions that make an already awesome browser even more awesome… er. […]

8 October 2009