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Do You Remember These 5 Linux Apps?

A reader's tweet left us feeling all nostalgic so join us as we go back to 2009 and look at 5 Linux apps we all used to use, but now never do…

9 February 2017
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‘Outsiders’ Emerald window borders could just confuse you

Some things are standard: milk on cereal; Doctor in Tardis; window buttons in frame. Well, the latter was standard; 0rAX0's 'Outsiders' Emerald theme pack literally pushes the traditional boundaries away in these off-corner creations.

17 January 2011
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Borderless Ambiance theme for Emerald

‘Borderless’ themes are all the rage currently. The Elementary-Borderless GTK+ theme we featured a few days back has been particularly popular with users so it was somewhat inevitable that the stock Ubuntu themes would get […]

7 January 2011
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MurrinaChrome – Best Chrome-like GTK Theme Yet

A few days ago I posted a gorgeous Emerald theme based on Google Waves’ interface. In that post I mentioned i couldn’t find a decent GTK theme to match it. Thankfully reader Nicolas came up […]

29 November 2009
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Google Wave Emerald Theme Is Way Too Gorgeous, Lonely

Google Wave has some beautiful window borders going on, and someone has taken the time to convert them into an Emerald theme thus bringing the beauty of Wave to you desktop. click to view bigger […]

27 November 2009
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Emerald: Unique Window Theme

How often do you click on the titlebar of your open windows? Is it just to close it? This very interesting emerald theme, called ‘bump’ and you’ll see why, cuts out all of the normal […]

13 March 2009