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ubuntu desktop regenerating

Ubuntu Is Not Dying, It’s Simply Regenerating

Seriously folks, the Ubuntu desktop is not dying. Like The Doctor in the BBC Sci-Fi series Doctor Who it's simply regenerating.

8 June 2017

Think You Saw Unity In Last Night’s Doctor Who?

Put your hands up if you think you spotted Ubuntu's Unity desktop being used during Doctor Who's most recent episode...

31 March 2013
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This Tardis PC Case Demands An OS Befitting The Doctor

For a Doctor Who fan like myself there is no better way to kick off a new week at OMG! towers than by pimping what is, in my biased eyes, the best PC case I've seen in a long time.

5 March 2012
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New Doctor Who game works via Wine

As part of this years Doctor Who series the BBC are launching a set of 4 free fully interactive downloadable adventure games (referred to as ‘episodes’) for UK viewers (and those who like proxies). The […]

2 June 2010
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Ubuntu Used In Doctor Who

It seems the Naismith’s work on the Immortality gate in Doctor Who’s 2009/2010 festive finale The End Of Time was done using computers running none-other than our very own awesome OS Ubuntu! Take a closer […]

5 January 2010