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Deluge 2.0 stable

Deluge BitTorrent Client Gets Its First Update in 2 Years

Deluge 2.0 is the first update to the Deluge torrent client in over two years. Newly ported to Python 3, the app boasts some new features and improvements.

12 June 2019
Deluge Indicator in Natty

Deluge 1.3.3 Released, Ready to Install

The latest version of bit-torrent application Deluge is now available to install from the official Deluge PPA.

29 July 2011
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Torrent app Deluge adds indicator-applet

Take one torrent application, one almost-beta OS and add in some indicator-applet support. What do you get? A bunch of relieved users...

17 March 2011
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Deluge 1.3.1 hits PPA

Just a quick poke about torrent application Deluge. Last week saw it bumped up to version 1.3.1 in a new, albeit somewhat minor, update. This update has now landed in the Deluge PPA for Ubuntu […]

5 November 2010
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Grab some mono icons for torrent client Deluge

Get your hands on these delectable mono icons for Deluge.

28 October 2010
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Show Deluge torrent transfer rates on Docky [fix]

Docky and the Deluge torrent client were great bedfellows for a while with the former able to display transfer rates for the latter. And then it broke when Deluge 1.2 was released. Boo. Thanks to Gary over at we can get it working again in no-time.

17 October 2010