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8BitDo’s DIY Kit Can Turn Your Fave Retro Gamepad into a Wireless Steam Controller

8bitdo make some magnificent retro-inspired wireless controllers that work well with Steam, Android, Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo “Classic” series of mini consoles. But the company’s latest product is a bit different. The “8BitDo Mod Kit” […]

19 July 2018
dual shock 4 battery level extension

PS4 Controller Battery Level Extension for the GNOME Desktop

Using a DualShock 4 controller on Ubuntu? If so, you may find the following new GNOME extension a handy thing to have around. It’s called ‘Dual Shock 4 battery percentage’ and, in an unexpected and […]

21 August 2017
game controller

The Easy Way to Set Up an Xbox 360 Controller in Ubuntu

Since the arrival of Steam on Linux we often hear from gamers on the hunt for easier ways to get more control over their Xbox controllers in Ubuntu.

16 June 2014
Logitech F710 gaming controller

How To Use And Configure Your Xbox 360 Controller on Linux

Having trouble making your Xbox 360 Controller work on Linux? This-depth guide shows you how to use the free xbxdrv to get up and running.

29 July 2013