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Cardapio gets mini-mode & Docky helper

A new version of popular main menu replacement Cardapio has been released - with many features longed for by users. Amongst the changes sit reduced memory usage, interface enhancements and added support for Cardapio use with Docky.

27 November 2010
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Menu replacement Cardapio now uses less than 5MB of RAM

Main menu replacement Cardapio can truly boast to be a lightweight app, with it now using just 5MB of RAM when in active use.

15 October 2010
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Cardapio adds USB, iPod mountpoints in ‘Places’ menu

Popular menu-replacement utility Cardapio has just gained the ability to show your USB, iPod, etc, mountpoints under the ‘Places’ menu. Announcing the feature tvst – Cardapio’s developer – informs that ‘you can simply click on […]

27 September 2010
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Cardapio Changes PPA, Switch To Continue Getting Updates

Users of menu-applet replacement Cardapio will need to need to update their sources with a new PPA address in-order to continue receiving updates. The change over announcement, made on the projects’ launchpad page, states that […]

30 June 2010
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How to Use Cardapio Menu Applet With Docky

Cardapio – the awesome alternative main menu applet we’ve championed here on OMG! for some time – has a hidden secret: you can use it via Docky! How so? First check you’ve actually installed Cardapio […]

27 June 2010
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Cardapio – The awesome replacement menu applet that just keeps on giving

Since we first featured panel menu-replacement applet Cardapio several weeks back the application has evolved at an awesome pace – even my initial want for Zeitgeist integration is on the way!  In case you haven’t […]

17 June 2010
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Cardapio – alternative Gnome panel menu, launcher & so much more

Bored of your regular applications menu? Swap it out with Cardápio- a panel applet menu replacement with plenty of features up its sleeve. It allows full access to all of your installed applications and system options […]

3 June 2010