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calibre 5.0 ebook highlighting

Calibre 5 Released with eBook Highlighting, Switches to Python 3

Calibre, the popular eBook manager, editor, and reader recently gained some new features. We look at what's new in Calibre 5.0.1 and show you how to get it.

27 September 2020

Calibre Sees First Major Release in 2 Years, Adds ‘Distraction Free’ Ebook Viewer

A new version of Calibre, the open source ebook manager (and then some), is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

6 October 2019

Best eBook Reader Apps for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

We look at the best ebook reader apps for Ubuntu & Linux desktops, ranging from the Calibre ebook reader to GNOME epub reader Bookworm and Easy Ebook Viewer.

25 July 2017
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[How to] Make e-book app ‘Calibre’ look nicer in Ubuntu

It's always frustrating to come across an applications whose features are let down by a less-than great interface. Calibre, an e-book management tool, has, for me at least, been a prime example of this. Thankfully the developer has begun working to tweak and refine the interface, with he fruits of this labour appearing in the most recent release. Reader and all round ace guy Wyatt K., having read that post, thought it could be made better still - and all rather easily, too...

15 May 2011
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Calibre e-book reader 0.8 gets book store search, new look, more

Desktop e-book manager 'Calibre' added support for more e-reader devices and a 'Get Books' feature for finding an e-book for the cheapest price online in its latest release, version 0.8.

12 May 2011
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Calibre: the ‘VLC’ of eBook reader software

Whilst reading eBooks on dedicated hardware devices has become the trend of late there are many people who still read eBooks on their computers via the use of eBook reader software. eBooks have been knocking […]

28 June 2010