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Ubuntu 19.10 features

Ubuntu 19.10 Will Offer a Flicker Free Boot (For Some Users, Anyway)

Ubuntu 19.10 will offer a flicker-free boot experience for users with modern Intel graphics and UEFI systems, thanks to a new version of Plymouth.

16 July 2019

If Only The Real Ubuntu Boot Experience Was This Cool [Video]

Could Ubuntu's boot experience look slicker? One YouTube thinks so, and has created a video demo of his dream boot sequence.

20 August 2013
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Slick, intelligent Plymouth Boot Splash

Boot screens: generally the land of the bland. But not so anymore.

29 December 2010
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Intelligent boot splash greeter

Elephants and readers with a good memory may remember an 'ambient boot splash' proposal we featured at the end of October.

21 December 2010
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Mock-up: intelligent, ambient Boot Splash

Reader Cullum Saunders pinged us with an interesting concept for an intelligent, friendly ambient boot screen, which he demoes in the video below. “It’s based on two ideas. The design teams idea for a wallpaper […]

30 October 2010
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10 New Features/Changes Coming In Karmic You May Not Know About…

Below is a list of 10 features and changes in Ubuntu 9.10 that you may not already know about… Or even be expecting! Ekiga Ekiga ” the VoIP application that nobody uses ” will finally […]

27 August 2009
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Karmic’s Proposed Boot Screen Tweaked Again…

Ubuntu 9.10’s proposed splash and log-in screens have, once again, undergone minor revisions. This time they’ve swapped out the warm tones of version 2 for a steely ‘purple’ colour – reminiscent of the first iteration. […]

26 August 2009
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Karmic’s New Boot & Login Screen

The boot screen design proposal has undergone a minor revision since this post was written. Check out the revised boot screen/GDM screen by clicking your way over to this post.    The Ubuntu design team […]

11 August 2009