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mark shuttleworth bbc business live interview

Mark Shuttleworth Interviewed on BBC News

It’s not everyday that you get to tune in to mainstream TV news and see Mark Shuttleworth on screen, chatting about life aboard the International Space Station. It certainly added a bit of pep to […]

7 September 2017

BBC to Le Monde: Ubuntu Phone Press Round-Up

The BBC was among several well-known press outlets to cover the Ubuntu Phone showing during Mobile World Congress 2015.

6 March 2015

Wi-fi Gesture Controller ‘WiSee’ Built on Ubuntu, Pimped on the BBC

WiSee, a new technology able to read gestures using WiFi signals, is gracing the pages of tech sites the world over today. But that's not why we're interested...

5 June 2013
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Help Stop the BBC Introducing DRM

UK users of OpenSource software could be restricted from watching and accessing free-to-air television signals if the BBC are granted permission to introduce DRM into their broadcasts. The result will make the use of non-sanctioned […]

24 March 2010