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person using an ubuntu laptop

Check Battery Status on Ubuntu Using This GNOME Extension

Looking for an easy way to get a top-level overview of your laptop’s battery health on Ubuntu? If so, check out Battery Status by Spanish blog Atareao. They’ve created a GNOME extension that reminds me […]

22 February 2022
Ubuntu First Steps App

New App Lets You Tweak Hidden Settings in Ubuntu 20.04

'Ubuntu First Steps' is a handy tool for tweaking Ubuntu. The GTK app provides options to customise the Ubuntu dock, desktop icons, and install more apps.

16 May 2021

‘Habits’ App Measures Mouse Distance & How Many Keys You Press a Day

Do you know how many keys you press a day, or how far your mouse has travelled recently? Habits is a free app for Linux that tells you this and more.

10 February 2020
YouTube GNOME Shell extension

The Lazy Way to Search for YouTube Videos on Ubuntu

It just got easier to find YouTube videos from the Ubuntu desktop. A new “YouTube Search Provider” extension hit the GNOME Extensions website this week. It allows Ubuntu users to search for YouTube videos straight from […]

31 July 2018