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Here you can discover the latest Linux apps, software and system utilities to use on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and related distributions, from office suites and music players to dev tools and CLI scripts for getting things done.

a screenshot of the metadata cleaner app for Linux

A Wild Metadata Cleaner for Linux Appeared!

We look at a Linux app that can remove metadata from files and EXIF data from photos. The app is free, open source software made with GTK and Python.

5 August 2022

‘Sunamu’ is a Slick ‘Now Playing’ Widget for Your Desktop

I usually use Conky to show 'Now Playing' info from music players on my desktop. I recently switched to Sunamu and in this post I share it with you!

26 July 2022
screenshot of curtail image compressor on ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Curtail is an Awesome Image Compressor Tool for Linux

Curtail is an image compressor for Linux desktops. Built in GTK, it optimises JEPG and PNG images to reduce image file size without reducing image quality.

18 July 2022

‘Cider’ is an Open Source Apple Music Client for Linux

Cider is an open source Apple Music client for Windows, macOS, and Linux – the latter not having an official Apple Music app, making this one unique.

17 July 2022
Dialect GTK translations app for Linux desktop

Dialect is a Useful Language Translation Tool for Linux Desktops

Need to translate one language to another? Skip opening a browser tab and install Dialect. This neat GTk4 translation tool can do it all – and then some!

16 July 2022

Gotop is a Cool CLI System Monitor Tool for Linux

I’m a ‘fessed up fan of btop, a colossally cool looking and comprehensive system monitoring utility accessed from the command line. I included it in my list of the best command line tools because I […]

12 July 2022

Tidal-hifi Lets You Stream Music from Tidal on Linux

Listen to TIDAL on your Linux desktop thanks to this Electron-based desktop TIDAL client that integrates the official web player into the desktop.

11 July 2022

Check Your Battery’s Health from the Command Line with Battop

I share a cool CLI tool for checking your battery health, cycle count, capacity, and more on Linux. It's free, open source, and very nice to look at!

6 July 2022

Black Box is a GTK4 Terminal App With a Unique Look

Black Box is a GTK4 terminal emulator for Linux desktops. It boasts innovative UI features, 12 terminal themes, and is easy to install from Flathub.

3 July 2022

Terminal Tip: ‘duf’ is Prettier Alternative to the ‘df’ Command

I've found a great alternative to the df command in Linux. It's called duf and is prettier and more ordered than the standard df command we're used to.

28 June 2022
bluemail email client screenshot

BlueMail E-Mail Client Gets a Makeover, Support for Wayland

BlueMail is a free, proprietary e-mail client with Linux builds. It supports most mail providers and protocols, has a large feature set, and now a new look.

28 June 2022

Flameshot Screenshot Tool Just Added Even More Features

When it comes to screenshot tools for Linux nothing rivals the feature set offered by the Qt-based Flameshot — and the app just got a major update.

22 June 2022