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Wayfire Brings Compiz Bling Back to the Linux Desktop

Wayfire is a open-source Wayland compositor designed to be showy. It recreates some of the best Compiz window animations and effects.

20 June 2019
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[How To] Reset Unity & Compiz in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04

Ever wondered how or needed to reset Unity and Compiz back to their default settings? We'll show you.

1 April 2013
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Compiz Fix To Bring Better Gaming Performance to Ubuntu

An update to Compiz that improves gaming performance is on its way to Ubuntu. Compiz, currently in preparation, enables a small feature that improves full-screen OpenGL gaming performance in Unity.

28 November 2012
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Precise Adds User Safeguards to Compiz App

New safeguards have been added to CCSM - the GUI tool for configuring Compiz - to limit damage caused by users unaware of the tools importance. When launching the app in Ubuntu 12.04 a pop-up box warning users of the potential risks from idly playing around with settings therein. The ability to disable the Unity desktop plugin from the main plugin overview in CCSM has also been removed.

15 February 2012
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Brave Compiz Pre-release Testers Wanted!

We're looking for a few brave souls to break their computers...

17 August 2011
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Help Compiz rockstar Sam Spilsbury squash the annoying invisible window bug…

In spite of best efforts, a weird bug in compiz causing windows to 'become invisible' is still haunting the users. Here is how you can help fix it.

5 June 2011
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Get your Compiz cube back on with Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

I think it is fair to say that the Desktop Cube has been one of Linux's iconic features. The cube provided both an easy way to visualise workspaces as well as a nice bit of eye-candy when using it.

11 April 2011
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How to increase the size of Compiz shadows under app windows

Not happy with the default size of the Compiz drop shadows under application windows? Here's how to make them larger.

27 January 2011
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How to Add a Compiz Expose button to Docky

You want to trigger ‘expose’ in Maverick like you’ve seen in Unity? Dan Rabbit sent me over a mail with a quick ‘how to’ on, well, how to do just that! 1. Install Compiz Config […]

9 January 2011
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Unity Compiz won’t be backported to Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick

Compiz-based Unity will not see a backport for Maverick users to test.

18 November 2010
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Install Compiz 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 10.10

Everyones favourite compositing window manager Compiz released an update to their unstable 0.9-branch - 0.9.2. - a few weeks back. Here's how to install it from a PPA.

18 November 2010
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Compiz/Unity PPA for Natty

Ubuntu’s Jorge Castro has just tweeted that the Unity/Compiz pre-alpha is now available for early Natty users to test via PPA. More information can be found @ and the PPA ityself – whic is […]

12 November 2010