A new version of Ymuse, a nimble front-end to the Music Player Daemon (MPD) is out.

Ymuse 0.22 ‘Xylophone’ intros support for drag-and-drop in the play queue (a real doozy of a feature), adds a single-track repeat option, and debuts an all-new app icon (the martini glass motif gives way to a classy illustration of a muse from classical history).

Ymuse MPD app old logo and new logo side-by-side

This update also makes it possible to quickly add or replace all tracks in the Library via the context menu you see when right-clicking on Library > Files, and nixes the (fairly annoying) warnings about empty or missing config files.

These enhancements add to the existing roster of features the player already had, which includes the ability to connect to a local or remote MPD server, manage play queues, browse and search an MPD library, toggle MPD options via a GUI, etc.

Ymuse MPD App Library view
Quickly add ALL your music to the queue

Reminder: Ymuse is not a standalone music player. It is a frontend for MPD. You will need to install MPD on Ubuntu and configure it beforehand in order to use this app.

If you use MPD locally with the default port and no password Ymuse can connect to it automatically as soon as you open it. For more exotic setups you’ll need to edit the network, host, port and password from the Ymuse > Preferences > General panel.

Want to sample Ymuse 0.22 on your Ubuntu install?

The previous release is now available in the Ubuntu 23.04 repo, or you can get the latest version as a DEB from the Ymuse download page, via Flathub, or from the Canonical Snap Store.

I ask that comments below stay on topic, which in this case is about Ymuse & MPD. That means no rants about “too many Linux music players!!1” or “this dev should work on {unrelated app/project} instead!!!1”

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