The official Ubuntu podcast is to end after almost 14 years ‘on air’.

Since 2008 (back when it was known as the Ubuntu UK Podcast), the show has provided Ubuntu fans with topical discussions on news and events relating to both Ubuntu and the wider Linux community.

”We have decided after 14 triumphant years to hang up our microphones and call it a day,” Ubuntu Podcast host Mark Johnson says in the latest episode.

Why is the Ubuntu podcast ending?

Johnson explains: “Between us we’ve been doing this for […] longer than some marriages. We’ve all changed jobs in that time. We all had big personal changes in our circumstances in that time – especially over the past 2 years. All of that has made continuing the podcast […] a bit of a challenge.”

“Rather than letting it wither on the vine we’re gonna go out with a bang, leaving people wanting more, and knock it on the head.”

The final episode of the Ubuntu Podcast is scheduled to go out on September 30th. That means there’s still a couple of episodes to come. This should help ensure fans of show don’t go cold turkey too quickly.

But is it really the end?

As with everything in the “open source” community, renewal is always an option. It’s feasible that the show could relaunch with new hosts and a new format — though likely missing some of the magic and warmth the current hosts — Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress, and Mark Johnson — bring to the table.

Fans of Linux-laden audio aren’t left in silence, however.

A rich and varied Linux podcast scene is out there waiting to fill ears and pod catchers alike, including the topical Linux Action News, family-friendly Linux4Everyone, community-focused Linux Unplugged, and (the terrific but un-PG) Late Night Linux.

Were you a fan of the Ubuntu Podcast? Are you sad to see it go? What will you be filling the 30 mins gap in your Thursdays with next month? Let me know in the comments.

h/t Heads Up & FerenOSDev

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