Warpinator runs on Android

Linux Mint’s Warpinator file transfer tool is now available for Android devices, including Chromebooks.

The tool makes it super-easy to fling files from computer to computer over your local network, no third-party hosting required.

A desktop app is included in Linux Mint 20 and up, and is available for other Linux distros via Flathub.

Now Android is in on the action thanks to the efforts of an independent developer and their work on an unofficial open source port of the tool to the popular mobile platform.

Mint devs say the app “works very well” already, despite being a relatively young project. The Play Store description states that is “fully compatible with the original protocol and allows for easy transfer of files between Android and Linux devices”.

“When we made Warpinator we solved a need we had within Linux Mint and made the software available for all Linux distributions, but although we wouldn’t spend the resources to make it work on other OSes […] we wanted to use simple and open technologies to make it possible for this software to be developed by others,” says Mint’s lead Clement Lefèbvre.

“Seeing someone put the effort and come up with an Android build is a really cool feeling. I’m really happy to see this happen.”

Features of Warpinator for Android:

  • Automatic discovery of compatible services on local network
  • Works on WiFi or hotspot, no internet connection needed
  • Transfer any type of files quickly and easily
  • Receive entire directories
  • Run multiple transfers in parallel
  • Share files from other applications
  • Limit who can connect using a group code
  • Option to start on boot
  • Does not require your location or any other unnecessary permissions

Mint is working on its own official mobile version of Warpinator, albeit one based on the Flutter toolkit to enable support for iOS devices. It’s not ready for wider user so, for now, anyone wanting to get files from their phone to their computer (or vice versa) should check it out.

Get Warpinator on Google Play

To send/receive files on your desktop use the Warpinator tool. If you don’t have it get it from Flathub.

H/t Le B. Nguyen

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