The KDE Plasma desktop environment is, if based on nothing other than readers’ comments alone, pretty well regarded.

So when I heard that a shiny new website showcasing the KDE Plasma desktop and its compelling feature set had gone live, well — I had to write about it!

KDE Developer Carl Schwan describes the revamped landing page as a “huge improvement [over] the old website, which didn’t show any screenshots and didn’t list any Plasma features.”

And via some nifty web magic the new website more than remedies that.

Both new and existing users alike are guided through the core KDE Plasma desktop GUI, including the Plasma launcher and system tray, with details on other features, like the Discover software store, also present.

While I’m still yet to get around to trying the KDE Plasma desktop — I really do keep meaning to — this new website makes me realise what I’m missing out on.

You can check the improve landing page out for yourself by visiting the link below — just be sure to pop back here to drop your favourite Plasma desktop feature in the comments section!

Visit the KDE Plasma Desktop Website

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