A massive redesign of the desktop Steam client is on the way — and newly leaked screenshots give us an early glimpse of how it’ll look.

The SteamDB Twitter account reports: “A work in progress version of the new Steam client interface leaked through an update to the Chinese CSGO launcher.”

March brought word that Valve was prepping a fresh coat of paint for its hugely Steam desktop client. Now, a few months on, we can take closer look at the planned changes thanks to a recent leak.

Naturally SteamDB couldn’t resist sharing some screenshots of the Steam redesign as it currently stands.

And I have to say things are looking pretty tidy:

via @steamdb

The new design retains the left-hand column for games, but rejigs practically everything else. Recently played games and game updates now get more prominence, as does the friends list (presumably to speed up multiplayer rumbles and the like).

via @steamdb

There are also some new features too, like letting players find games in their library via tags, and a new ‘Events’ page will showcase live and upcoming multiplayer events, tournaments, matches, in-game action, etc.

Steam Redesign in Action

The redesign you see above is not merely a mockup or a far away ideal. Oh no, the “leak” also put actual, working code out there too.

So although the Steam redesign remains a work in progress it’s already in an incredibly useable, as this hands-on video from Valve News Network demos:

Are you a fan?

If so you might not have to wait long to try it yourself. Valve say they plan to make the Steam redesign client available in beta later in the summer.

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