Out now, Google Chrome 75 is the latest stable release of Google’s hugely popular web browser, but it’s pretty low on user-facing changes.

Naturally, not every release gets to be a glitter sandwich, but there’s usually something user-facing to talk about in Google Chrome updates.

I guess not every release can be a glitter sandwich…

In Chrome 75?

There’s an experimental reader mode available via the chrome://flags page. Like Firefox’s version it pares back web pages for easier parsing by eyeballs and brains.

There’s also the usual bunch of under the hood improvements for developers and web-standards enthusiasts to drool over, such as low-latency canvas context (improves performance), improved WebRTC support, and FIDO CTAP2 PIN support in the Web Auth API.

Google say this update also includes 42 security fixes security fixes, including several high severity security patches.

Finally, process nerds will be pleased to see service workers listed in Chrome’s built-in Task Manager, offering more control over background tasks, push notifications, and so on.

On the Android side, support for the Web Share API Level 2 (i.e. sharing files from the web to apps) and support for auto-generating stronger passwords when you sign up for an account.

But, er, that’s yer fill.

Download Google Chrome 75

Google Chrome is a free download available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. You can download it from the official Chrome website:

Get Google Chrome

We’ve shown you before how easy it is to install Chrome on Ubuntu. Better yet, once you have you’ll get this update, and all future updates, automatically via the built-in Software Updater tool.

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