A screenshot of the Gparted partition editor and the about dialog showing version number

If you’ve used Linux there’s a good chance you’ve come across GParted, a popular open-source partition editor — and this week the utility reached a major milestone.

Having spent the past 14 years releasing 0.x builds (the previous stable release was version 0.33.0-2) graphical partition manager GParted has finally hit the major version 1.0.0 milestone.

But if you’re expecting a radical set of changes to accompany the radical leap in version number then …Well, you might be disappointed.

I’ll let GParted developers explain:

“This 1.0.0 release is not meant to indicate that GParted is more stable or less stable than before. Instead it means that GParted now requires gtkmm3 instead of gtkmm2.”

GParted Developers

So what’s has changed in GParted 1.0?

  • Port to Gtkmm 3
  • Port to GNOME 3 yelp-tools documentation infrastructure
  • Enable online resizing of extended partitions
  • Add F2FS support for read disk usage, grow, and check
  • Fix slow refreshing of NTFS file systems

A clutch of welcome bug fixes also feature.

Source code for Gparted 1.0 is available to download now from the GParted Sourceforge page.

You can expect to see this update (or a subsequent release) made available in the archives of Ubuntu 19.10 and later.

Do look out for updates to the companion GParted Live CD (a dedicated partition management Linux distro) in the coming days, too.

Do you used GParted to resize or edit partitions?

Image credit: Alex

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