Armed and gelatinous hero
Fight against other blobs to be crowned as the mightiest warmonger in the galaxy

At first glance, Armed and Gelatinous might look like a run-of-the-mill clone of games like, but beneath the surface there is more than meets the eye.

Armed and Gelatinous is a throwback to retro shoot-em-ups

An homage to iconic couch co-op games of yesteryear, offering fun for those house parties where nostalgia is necessary (keep reading for a bonus where we get nostalgic about Linux).

Back in the day, we’d duel in Smash, Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat, and there were beloved arcade bullet hell shooters like Contra.

Armed and Gelatinous is a throwback to these retro shoot-em-ups, but where players control blobs composed of adorable space goo.

Three Flip did a great job with conveying the vastly different personalities of the blobs (this is some nuanced jelly, people). 

Players control blobs composed of adorable space goo

You can equip your favorite blobs with weapons and steal goodies from your enemies. Bling out your blob with a Moon Beam, and other fun guns like uzis and bazookas.

This gives the player plenty of customization options to choose from; but beware – every time you take a weapon way from another blob, your size increases, making it harder to avoid enemy fire.

Every time you take a weapon from another blob, your size increases, making it harder to avoid enemy fire.

There are plenty of moves and combos that you can execute to eliminate other players and defend your blob from enemy attacks, so a well-planned strategy is essential for success.

Battle locally or online with many gooey game modes like Blob Blitz, Drone Decent, Combo King and more. I played it live at PAX this year, and Blob Soccer mode felt like a top-down Rocket League — much to my delight!

Armed and Gelatinous Blog Soccer

If you can’t watch the World Cup, just play gooey football soccer and imagine you’re in the game..

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Armed and Gelatinous will be bouncing over to PS4, Xbox One and for early access on Windows and Linux.

When I asked the devs about their Linux experiences, Anthony shared this with me:

“I have a Steam Machine that runs Steam OS, we test our Linux builds and Steam controller setups with it. We recently broke our Linux build through Steams back end system. We had it set to x64, but we didn’t allow an x86 executable to run. Yeah, that’s bad. A user would be greeted with “Executable Is Missing” when trying to launch the game through Linux. Always double check your back end settings and test, test, test.”

Anthony Prusakowski, CTO @ Threeflip

When we put Armed and Gelatinous to the “test, test, test” we were triumphantly shouting at our opponents through our TVs like it was the early 2000s again.

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The amount of content alone makes this game stand out from the similar but barebones experiences; so blast off and become the big blob boss!

You can buy Armed and Gelatinous over on Steam, where it’s priced at £6.99/$9.99/€9.99:

Armed and Gelatinous on Steam

And if you’re still not convinced check out this frenetic video trailer:

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