The Humble Store is giving away Brutal Legend for free right now — but you’ll need to act fast to grab it.

‘over 100 heavy metal tracks feature on the in-game soundtrack’

The award-winning game mashes the action-adventure and real-time strategy genres together to create a game that’s individual in its style and tone as it is in its gameplay.

Both single-player and (local) multiplayer modes are available, and there are a host of side missions to keep even the most capable gamer occupied for a while. A roster of heavy metal musicians voice the game’s various characters, while over 100 heavy metal tracks feature on the in-game soundtrack.

Brutal Legend is developed by Double Fine Productions (of Psychonauts fame). It’s been available on Windows, macOS and Linux since 2013, but was first release for home consoles in 2009.

There’s just over 1 day left to get the game for free (regular price $14.99), so to make sure you don’t miss out on a gratis copy (delivered as a Steam key) hit the link below:

Brutal Legend on Humble Store

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