selection of libreoffice mascot submissions
These are just 6 of the 63 (!) submissions you can vote on.

Community voting has opened in the LibreOffice mascot competition.

The contest launched back in June, with LibreOffice inviting the community to submit their designs for use a potential project.

Four months on and the contest now moves on to the next stage: shaving the slew of submissions down to a succinct shortlist of only the strongest entries.

And to do that LibreOffice want your help.

‘Overwhelming Response’

The submission period for the contest closed at the end of August.

‘You are voting for a community mascot, not a new app icon!’

“The response was overwhelming; we got a great number of submissions,” write the LibreOffice design team in a blog post update.

Since then the design team has sifted through each and every entry sent in to filter out the unoriginal, low quality, and/or potentially trademark-infringing designs.

The result is a diverse submission pool of 63 entries that you now get to give your opinion on.

The winning mascot will be used in community artwork, blog posts, forum headers, social media post, banners at conventions, and that sort of thing. Remember that you are helping to select a LibreOffice community mascot not a new app icon!

The 7 highest rated proposals move on to the final stage of the process in which members of The Document Foundation vote on an overall winner.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries, with the overall winner bagging a Slimbook Katana laptop worth $729.

Take the LibreOffice Mascot Survey

As there are 63 submissions in the LibreOffice mascot survey linked below the survey will take a fair while to complete. Helpfully you can exit the survey to ‘resume later’.

The survey closes on Sunday, Oct 8th.

Take the LibreOffice Mascot Survey