stacer 1.0.7

A new version Stacer, an open-source system cleaning n’ tune-up tool for Linux desktops, is available to download.

Stacer 1.0.7 ships with improved language support, adds in a choice of light or dark theme, and introduces a new processes monitor.

Processes can be sorted based on PID, CPU and memory usage, etc. You can also search for specific processes by name to find them faster.

stacer ubuntu app process monitor

At the bottom of this window you’ll notice a refresh rate slider (defaults to checking every 2 seconds) and an option to end a process.

For serious troubleshooting you’ll still want to use your distro’s native system monitor tool, but for casual at-a-glance use and basic process management I reckon the new Processes panel will tick more than a few boxes among users.

New Look

If you’ve used Stacer before you’ll also notice something different in these screenshots of the system utility. Yup, the app has a striking new look!

The horizontal text-based tab bar  has been swapped for a vertical left-aligned icon sidebar.

Visual tweaks and new options aside the rest of the app retains its comprehensive feature set and slick in-app notifications:

  • Monitor resources
  • Free up space by cleaning caches, logs, etc
  • Bulk remove packages
  • Add/edit/disable start-up applications
  • Stop/start system services
  • View basic system information

Download Stacer for Ubuntu

Stacer supports 64-bit Ubuntu desktops. You can download an Ubuntu installer package for latest release of Stacer by hitting the button below:

Download Stacer 1.0.7 for Ubuntu (64-bit)

For more download options, including an AppImage, RPM and binary, see the Github release page.

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