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The official Telegram desktop app has been updated with support for voice calls.

We told you a few months back that voice calls were coming to Telegram desktop app on Linux, macOS and Windows, and today this oft-wanted feature has arrived in all its VoiP-y glory.

Telegram say voice calls (a feature which has been available in the service’s Android and iOS app for a month or so) are “secure, crystal-clear” and “constantly improved by artificial intelligence.”

‘Telegram say voice calls are ‘secure, crystal-clear and constantly improved by artificial intelligence’

“The quality of Telegram Calls will further improve as you and others use them, thanks to the built-in machine learning.”

The same privacy settings available in the mobile app are on offer here. You can set who you want to receive voice calls from, and even add people to a banned list.

By adding voice calls to its desktop apps Telegram snags a serious one-up against rivals WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, whose voice calling features are only available through the browser.

And while not a strict competitor to Skype, which is primarily used for VoIP and not messaging, Telegram’s multi-faceted approach could prove a potential lure for mobile-first users.

Other Changes in Telegram 1.1.0

Voice calls aren’t the only change in this update. When the Telegram desktop window is open wide enough the emoji, stickers, and saved GIFs panel (introduced in a previous update) takes up a separate space on the right of the client window.

Thankfully the emoji, stickers & gif panel can be collapsed. You just need to click on the emoji icon in the messaging box.

Group chat admins will also be pleased to hear they can now delete messages made by other members, and manage the blocked users list in supergroups.

Get Telegram

You can download Telegram 1.1.0 from the Telegram website. There you’ll find installers for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download Telegram from the Telegram Website

Telegram is also available on Android and iOS. Voice calls are not supported in the Telegram app for Ubuntu Phone or (currently) in the Telegram web app.

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