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Thunderbird 52 has been released.

The latest stable release of Mozilla’s popular desktop email app picks up a modest set of improvements.

Among them is a new folder pane toolbar and folder view selector, which replaces folder view arrows.

Calendar events can be created and edited in a tab, and the app is able to handle received invitation counter proposals.

arc thunderbird theme

Improved IMAP caching features using Mozilla’s latest caching technology.

Thunderbird’s built-in chat feature has better Twitter support, including support for Twitter DMs, and liking and favoriting tweets. XMPP tweaks feature,  though Yahoo! messenger support has been removed.

As with Firefox 52, PulseAudio is now required to play sound on Linux desktops.

When removing an email account from Thunderbird you now have the option to remove corresponding data files too. This is helpful for keeping your system nice and tidy.

See the Thunderbird 52 release notes for a deeper look at the changes.

Thunderbird 52 is a free download available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download Thunderbird from

Ubuntu users will receive the upgrade automatically through Update Manager over the coming days. If you don’t have it installed you can grab it from Ubuntu Software:

Install Thunderbird from Ubuntu Software

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