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There’s been a huge increase in games available

More than 3,000 Linux games are now available on Steam.

Based on numbers listed by the Steam ‘Linux’ Store page the service has leaped from a mere 50 titles at launch 4 years ago to more than 3,000 today.

What’s most impressive about the figure is the speed with which it’s been achieved.

Linux gamers were celebrating 2,000 games being available on the platform in September 2016, meaning more than 1,000 games have been added in the last 5 months alone!

‘1,000 games have been added in the last 5 months alone!’

More and more big-name, mainstream developer titles are supporting Steam OS and Linux, many at launch. As the recent release of HITMAN for Linux proves: Linux is now a serious gaming platform.

Steam itself is seeing a big uptick in the number of titles available through across all platform. With Steam Direct replacing Steam Greenlight this number is set to swell even further, as the requirement to pass peer review is replaced.

The big uptick in titles is also posing a wider problem for the games store: discoverability.

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Stats from Valve’s own monthly Hardware & Software Survey  consistently reveals a steady number of Linux gamers using the service.  I expect the recent addition of big-name games like Civilisation VI, HITMAN, DiRT Rally, and Tomb Raider to help buoy this figure in the next few surveys.

That’s how big Valve’s Linux library is, but what about yours? Tell us how many Linux games you own in the comments below.

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