A brand new Ubuntu t-shirt is available to buy from the Canonical store — and it’s a yummy offering.  

Its arrival was expected as, bi-yearly, a t-shirt bearing the official animal mascot image of the latest Ubuntu release is added to the Canonical ship.

The Yakkety Yak doesn’t yank from tradition.

The slate grey shirt sports the official Ubuntu 16.10 mascot design in a light grey and cream design. The result is a more muted t-shirt compared to the deep blues and overt orange’s of more recent ware, but remains identifiably Ubuntu.


Official Ubuntu 16.10 T-Shirt
Official Ubuntu 16.10 T-Shirt

Ubuntu t-shirts have been a staple of every Ubuntu release since 2008, excepting Jaunty.

Unlike the bulk of official Ubuntu t-shirts, which have the mascot emblem on the centre-front, the Yakkety Yak design sits at the lower left of the shirt and is split in half.

The back of the t-shirt carries the Ubuntu logotype and version details.

Where To Buy the Official Ubuntu T-Shirt

You can buy the official Ubuntu t-shirt from Canonical’s online shop.

Shirts are sold in a range of mens’ sizes, spanning small to xxxx-large (aka 4XL). A ladies’ fit tee is not available.

Each t-shirt is priced at £13.20 in the UK (the previous t-shirt cost £11) and €17.31 in Europe. If you’re American you’ll be pleased to hear that t-shirts are now cheaper, costing $16.07 each (down from $17+ previously).

All prices above exclude postage, shipping and packaging costs (which are not nominal on the Canonical store).

Buy Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak T-Shirt

A number of older release t-shirts are still in stock, many at discounted prices. Check the ‘Sale’ section to grab a shirt of your personal fave or to plug a gap in your collection.

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