spotify-tileAs part of updates to its Windows and web desktop apps, the official Spotify for Linux client has picked up a minor redesign.

Well, sort of.

The company is testing a small redesign of the main player control UI in its desktop app with a sub-section of Spotify desktop users.

Not everyone using the official Spotify app can see the new look —and not everyone who can is happy about it!

The new version has since rolled out to all users.

Redesigned Player Toolbar

Jeroen, one of our Twitter followers, is among the testing group. He pinged us a screenshot of the new design as it looks on his Linux desktop:

Unless you have the old version in front of you, you probably can’t spot what’s changed.

Player controls are now entered. The progress bar no longer spans the width of the window, and is no longer green. Repeat and shuffle options sit either side of the main player controls.


Icons for volume, playlist and available devices (e.g. Chromecast) sit tucked in the lower right hand corner.

The tweak means the sidebar is now larger by default, which gives album artwork more prominence when expanded (as in the image above). Track name and artist sit inline with the rest of this new toolbar. The “new playlist” button is now more prominent and has a text label.

The sidebar background is now black, and category items no longer have symbolic icons beside them.

Not a dramatic overhaul, but one that is (arguably) cleaner — and it’s reassuring to see it’s also being tested on Linux users.

Do you like it? Do you have it? Let us know. 

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