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Skype has released a new update to the Skype for Linux Alpha client.

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.11 includes “many new features and improvement”, with support for setting an avatar in group chats; performance improvements during video call and Electron 1.4.4 being the highlighted changes.

Many” is perhaps an over-sell there, Skype! ;)

Some early users of this release say they’ve experience issues receiving notifications when the app isn’t in focus (i.e. when you actually want notifications). If you’re rely on the alpha version for anything mission critical or timely, do keep this in mind before upgrading.

Video call support was introduced in the previous release but currently only works between Skype for Linux Alpha users.

If you already have Skype for Linux Alpha installed on Ubuntu you can expect to receive this update through the Software Updater tool over the next day or so.

If you don’t have it, you can download Skype for Linux by hitting the button below. As it is a completely separate app, you can use the alpha client alongside the older Qt version.

Download Skype for Linux Alpha for Ubuntu

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