humble bundle indie gemsWallets at the ready as Humble Gems Bundle is now live, a pay-what-you-can-be-bothered-to-palooza offering a selection of hitherto undiscovered indie gaming marvels.

Alright, they’re all games that you’ve probably heard of before, certainly if you’re an active fan of the indie gaming scene.

You get to set the price for Technobabylon, Odallus: The Dark Call, and the mighty mockin’ power rangers pastiche Chroma Squad — though be aware that only the latter of these is available on Linux.

Beat the average price at the time of your purchase and you also nab early access to Spaera, Westerado: Double Barreled, and Assault Android Cactus — again, only the latter of these is available on Linux, so pledge accordingly if you’re a Tux-only gamer.

Pay $12 or more and you also bag Unbox, though — and I’m getting bored of writing this — this title also doesn’t not support Linux.

Through a bit of dab-handed calulator-y button-mashing I’ve worked out that if you bought all of the games included in this bundle separately, at full RRP, you’d be paying $110+!

Also remember that you get to choose which game developers get a slice of your pledge, so if they don’t provide a Linux game that you can play, don’t feel bad for giving them nothing.

Humble Gems Bundle

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