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Like a Spice Girls’ solo career, I’ll keep this short: a new version of the Harmony music player is available to download. 

The app is versatile in that it play both local music files and tracks from cloud music services like Spotify and Soundcloud. It also features a responsive design, native system integrations, and has built-in Last.fm scrobbling.

harmony default

In Harmony v0.4.0 the app picks up plugins for two additional music streaming services: Deezer and HypeMachine; it introduces a system tray for controls (and as a way to keep the app running in the background), and benefits from a general code cleanup.

There’s also a new application icon, which you can see in the hero image at the top of this post. The glyph better relates to the app itself, and looks less like a direct iTunes icon clone.

The dark mode introduced in the last update we wrote about is now available to enable in the settings panel (don’t worry, the shortcut still works).

Additionally, you can now begin playback of a playlist listed in the side panel by double clicking on it.

Download or Update Harmony

Harmmony is available to install on Windows, macOS and Linux. Its Github page offers direct links to download the source code, desktop installers, and an AppImage.

Harmony Releases on Github

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