Looking for a neat-o way to play YouTube playlists on your desktop, outside your browser?

Take a looksie at Yout, an Electron app that lets you add and watch YouTube playlists on your desktop, floating window stylee.

Yout is not the most user-friendly of apps. The first time you run it you won’t be entirely sure how you add a playlist (and that’s a key point here: you have to add playlist URLs, you can’t use the app to search for them).

It’s actually easy enough once you know: click the small pad n’ pencil icon, enter a name for your playlist, and paste in the corresponding YouTube playlist URL (beit your own playlist or someone else’s) from your web browser.


The player UI itself is fully resizeable, and even has a quick window shortcut to condense to a super compact mode.

Other than the motion sickness I felt from the constant hiding/unhiding UI elements (hard to avoid, though) the app is pretty straight forward to get to grips with.

You can add a maximum of 8 playlists, though the total number of videos in each playlist can be …Whatever the YouTube maximum is!

Switching between multiple playlists that you’ve added is dead-simple: just hover over the player window to reveal the UI, and then click on the appropriately named tab:


Hit up the official Yout Player website below to learn more about the app, donate to its developer, and grab a download in your choice of English or Portuguese.

One word of caution about the download links: they’re on Mediafire. While this is a cheap and cheerful way to share files for uploaders, it’s a bit of an assache to use as an end-user!

Visit the Yout Player Webpage

Download electron youtube