The Meizu Pro 5
The Meizu Pro 5

The Meizu PRO 5 hasn’t been the easiest Ubuntu Phone to get ahold of, but the first buyers are now starting to receive their handsets.

And there are videos to prove it!

Ubuntu Phone Unboxing

The Meizu PRO 5 has been available to buy for over month — providing you can find it ‘in stock’ on the western-facing side of the JD web store.

Many of those who were able to snag the handset have been left exasperated by a lack of communication from the company, with little word on inventory availability, expected shipping dates, or postage restrictions.

Still, the phone is now finally shipping and the first hands-on videos from buyers (as opposed to reviewers) have begun to surface online.

Like this one from YouTuber ‘DementedSnake’, for example.

This six-minute shaky-cam tour of the flagship Ubuntu Phone show it being unboxed, turfed out, and turned on for the very first time. You get to see the phone’s welcome wizard and gesture tour towards the end.

One thing you’ll note from the video: the security section of the set-up wizard does not make use of the Pro 5’s built-in fingerprint reader.

The Pro 5 retails at $369.99 minus import but inclusive of shipping. It is currently listed as “out of stock” on the website (which appears to have been rebranded as ‘’ since the phone’s launch).

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition on Jd…Er..

It is the first Ubuntu device to support convergence over a wireless display connection.

Official press shots of the device show it available in grey/black and white/silver but, in reality, the phone is (so far) only available in white/gold (though some customers say it’s more pinky/rose gold than gold gold, which won’t be  to everyone’s tastes.


Ubuntu Phone Video Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition unboxing