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A new release of the Intel Graphics Installer for Linux is available for download.

The open-source tool enables desktop Linux users to easily upgrade their Intel graphics drivers for supported hardware to the latest, greatest version.

And the latest and greatest drivers shipping in v1.4.0 are from the 2015Q4 Intel Graphics Stack.

Among the improvements offered:

  • Skylake hardware support
  • Introduction of Broxton support
  • Power management fixes on the kernel driver

Ubuntu 15.10 (and Fedora 23) are officially supported. Ubuntu 15.04 (and Fedora 22) is downgraded to ‘deprecated’ status.

Deprecated status means that the tool can still be used to remove or install an older version of the graphics stack, but will not fetch or install the latest drivers.

No support is provided for the Graphics Installer on Ubuntu 14.10 (or earlier).

For more details, and to grab the update, head over to Intel’s official release notes. Be sure to pay close attention to the warning about force-installing packages.

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