ubuntugamer_logo_dark-500x250Say goodbye to your productivity: GOG.com has just made a stash of 50 classic PC games available on Linux.

But chances are you knew this huge slice of gaming news pie was coming, right? The famed games distributor spoke of its plans to port, engineer and package up as many as 100 former top-tier titles to Linux earlier this year.

Having reached the halfway point of that goal the company say they saw no reason to hold off in making the first batch available.

Game Debuts

Among the 50 revered and respected gaming titles now available DRM-free on Linux thanks to the company’s efforts are 23 that are totally new to the platform. These include FlatOut & Flatout 2, Darklands and Sid Meier’s Colonization.

To mark the milestone GOG is running a promotional event over the new few days with as much as 75% to be saved on a select group of titles.

Look for the Ubuntu logo to find Linux games. (Poor Tux)
Look for the Ubuntu logo to find Linux games. (Poor Tux)

Titles are provided in distro-agnostic binaries files and deb installers for Ubuntu-based distributions, like Linux Mint, elementary and Deepin.  Games already purchased from GOG.com that now feature a respective Linux version will be made available at no charge.

50 titles are available to buy through the GOG website, with many top-tier titles from Ubisoft, Activision & Electronic Arts available DRM free.

To learn more and see the full list of games head over to the official website which we’ve handily linked to below.

Gog Linux Games List

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