Greybird_lightdm-gtk-greeterWe last wrote about the LightDM GTK Greeter, the login screen used in many Linux distributions, most notably Xubuntu, back in January — a veritable eon in development terms. 

In the intervening period the developer behind the project, Sean Davis, has added a raft of new features, improved the overall stability and performance, and souped up the theming support of his nimble login screen alternative.

New Features & Changes

The screen timeout when using the greeter as the lock screen is now configurable in the latest release, as is a warning when trying to shut down or restart the system when other users are logged in.

A set of new keyboard shortcuts are on hand for those with an aversion to mice:

  • Alt+F4 — Opens Shut Down prompt
  • F9 — Opens Session Menu
  • F10 — Accesses Language Menu
  • F11 — Opens Accessibility Menu
  • F12 — Opens Power Menu

Other changes include referring to temporary access as “Guest Session” rather than “Guest Account”; the clock applet is now always centre-aligned; and elementary OS (sic) fans will see an ‘e’ logo badge when selecting a Pantheon session.

Users of Ubuntu 13.10 and associated flavours, spins and derivatives based upon it can upgrade to/install the latest stable release —  v1.8.4 at the time of writing — using the official project PPA.

Note that while it is also based on LightDM, the ‘Unity Greeter‘ used in ‘regular’ desktop Ubuntu is a separate project to this.

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