The striking industrial design of the cirrus7 nimbus PC, which is available to buy preloaded with Ubuntu, has seen it win the prestigious ‘Red Dot Product Design’ Award.

Held annually since 1954, the Red Dot competition offers product makers the chance to put their products in front of a panel of leading designers and industry experts. Winners are awarded the Red Dot, an internationally recognised seal of quality.

The Cirrus7 PC was among those designs to win over a forty-strong panel of judges, beating out 4,815 other entries from more than 53 countries. Its high-quality design and industrial charm won praise from the jury.

‘The high-quality design and industrial charm won praise from the jury of 40 experts…’

In all there were 72 winners of the highest award in the competition, the Red Dot: Best of the Best. A further 1,120 were awarded the Red Dot for excellent product design, including the cirrus7, while 123 products won an Honourable Mention.

As small-form factor PCs go the Cirrus7 is unique in the way it passively cools the hardware inside, opting to use a series of stacked laser-cut aluminium slats as a sort of external heat-sink rather than a traditional mechanical fan.

“The Red Dot Award: Product Design gives design professionals from all over the world a chance to measure themselves against each other,”  explains Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, CEO of the Red Dot Award.

Winning products are able to use the award in promotional material, as well as benefit from exposure from inclusion in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, mobile app catalog, and in the exhibitions of the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany.

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