gnusense 3.0

gNewSense may no longer be based off of Ubuntu, but the Free Software Foundation-backed Linux distribution remains an important mile-marker of progress within the open-source community. 

‘For FOSS purists, Linux doesn’t come any purer than gNewSense’

Built with entirely free and open-source software, gNew features no non-free software by default, no repositories containing non-free software, and no proprietary drivers or binary blogs blobs in the kernel.

For FOSS purists, Linux doesn’t come any purer than gNewSense.

‘Minor Update’

Version 3.1 is a very minor update to the 3.0 release made last summer that adds the Network Manager utility to the live CD image; ensures that the correct repository is enabled during installation; and no longer suggests Debian’s non-free repository in the ‘expert installer’.

Download gNewSense 3.1

Those already running the latest gNewSense are advised to point their software sources to the correct repository prior to updating. Details on how to do this are listed in the release announcement.

For everyone else looking to experience the fringe benefits of unfiltered FOSS ideology, a copy of gNewSense 3.1 can be downloaded from the official project website linked below – just don’t expect all of your hardware to work out of the box.

Visit the Official gNewSense Website

Download Distros gnewsense