zhackers_cover_gradients_final_previewLike a herd of the shuffling, mindless dead, the follow up to 2012’s Ubuntu-themed Zombie novel ‘Zhackers’ has taken a while to arrive.

But, over a year after the first instalment became a best seller on  the Ubuntu Software Center, volume 2 is finally upon us…

Zhackers, a ‘zombocalypse‘ story written by David Jordan, tells the saga of three weaponless Ubuntu-using nerds trying to find their way in a world gone to ruin.

“Can these hackers pull off their hardest hack yet, surviving the threat of zombies, thirst, hunger, and internet withdrawal?”

Now, I’ll ‘fess up: I haven’t had chance to read this latest instalment – which I’m told includes some pretty gruesome moments – but I was taken with the first volume, describing it in a mini-review as ‘a romp of a read’.

Jordan’s writing style strikes the perfect balance of wit, pace and characterisation – something I’m in no doubt he continues with in volume 2.

Zhackers is published under a Creative Commons license, lacks DRM, and is distributed in interactive, .pdf and ePub formats. This edition also comes with some extras: an interactive 3D cover and an additional short story.

The novel is available to buy direct from the Ubuntu Software Center for $2.99.

Zhackers – Volume 2 on the Ubuntu Software Center