Take a deep breath and prepare to jump back on the development rollercoaster: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has opened for development.

Things won’t get off to a rollicking start just yet. The early part of every development cycle is spent getting things up-to-date by syncing the latest versions of key development packages.

To stretch my “theme park” analogy a little further, imagine the first few weeks of the development cycle as being like the pre-ride check on a roller coaster; you have to wait for the ride attendant to double-check that everything is okay (and anything that might fall out is securely strapped in) before the “go” button can be pressed.

Then the fun comes.

For now at least there’s little reason for anyone but core developers to upgrade.

The Trusty cycle is the first in which ARM 64bit port is included from the start of the cycle (having appeared mid-way through the Saucy’s development period).

Ubuntu’s Matthias Klose notes that “resources [for ARM64] are still limited compared to other architectures” – those needing help building for the port are advised to check in to the #ubuntu-devel IRC channel for help. 

.ISO images can be found at the link below.

Download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Daily Images

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